Which Is Better For you personally, Soft or Full Swinging?

If you are inexperienced with swinging you may not be familiar with some of the different expressions you could possibly come across, for instance Soft Swinging or Hard Swinging (often known as Full Swap). Permit me to go through with you Let me to help fill you in what the distinction is so you will not be caught off guard.

Soft Swinging

A large amount of swingers start out here, and many stay with this sort of swinging. You can find other definitions on the net but the generally documented definition is that Soft swinging mainly means that anything goes excluding penetration with the other partner. Penetration is saved for your own partner.

So what fun can you have with no penetration?… Lots!

It is mainly an extensive foreplay session (Ted and I call it 4-way Foreplay — but without the guys playing with each other) with plenty of kissing, caressing, and a ton of oral sex. Playing with Sex Toys can be okay, including penetration with sex toys. The single thing that does not happen is for one partner to penetrate the other partner.

Many people also call completely remaining with your own partner Soft Swinging, but that is essentially a style of Couples Voyeurism, typically mentioned in Swingers Profiles as “we like to watch and be watched”.

One more mistaken use of the term Soft Swinging is when it is referred to couples where the ladies play exclusively or with very limited amount of interaction. That is usually referred to as “Ladies Only Play”.

We actually met a full swap couple who were unsure of what exactly they could possibly do with a couple who just soft swaps, so we had to show them. Now I have to let you know that this particular couple was thinking about quitting the lifestyle since it just appeared to not have the desired effect on them, that is until they discovered how much fun soft swinging could be.

Hard Swinging or Full Swap

Exactly as the name implies this form of swinging includes full swap or intercourse with the other partner. Many swingers never get to this point for reasons of their own (like health conditions or intimacy issues) but many benefit from full swap quite a bit.

I would not be me if I forgot to remind you now that you should never have intercourse with another person with no condom, but I am convinced you are sensible enough to already know this. It is simply not worth the gamble.

Both these kinds of swinging can be enjoyed in the same room (in order that both couples are in each others’ company) but they can also be enjoyed in different rooms. Even while enjoying the encounter of a 3some you’ll need to decide if you want to soft swing or hard swing. Each person MUST be in agreement as well.

Also do yourself a favor and talk about this before things end up in the bedroom (or whatever room you’re going to get busy in). There is zero things which are more uncomfortable than finding out that the person you are with (and trying to get a condom him) is not going to have actual intercourse with you. This discussion is a great deal of easier to have in non sexual surroundings.